The Foundations were one of the biggest groups of the Swinging Sixties!!

With the International chart toppers now back on the road, its a chance to hear those timeless hits 'Build Me Up Buttercup and Baby Now That I Found You. Plus a string of other hits including: Back On My Feet Again, Any Old Time (You're Lonely and Sad), In The Bad Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me) and Born To Live, Born To Die.

Now original lead guitarist / vocalist Alan Warner is keeping the magnificent sound of The Foundations alive with a group of hugely talented musicians.

he Foundations were formed in the late 60''s, and within a short space of time their debut single "Baby now that I've Found You", went straight to No.1 in the British charts. The group went on touring all over the World, then scored their biggest hit with "Build Me Up Buttercup" which went straight to No.1 all over the World including America. Other hits include "Bad Bad Old Days" and "Back On My Feet Again".

Originally a Ska/Reggae band called "The Ramongs" fronted by two lead singers, they lived in a basement club & former gambling den called "The Butterfly Club", sometimes not surfacing for several days. When someone suggested a name change for the band, Alan came up with the name "The Foundations" to go with the Tamla Motown soul style of music that they were getting more into. When one of the singers left the band to occupy a room for six months at Her Majesty's pleasure, Joan, a friend of the band, suggested a replacement singer called "Arthur Brown", (later to find worldwide fame as The god of hellfire with "The crazy world of Arthur Brown"). He joined the band for about six weeks gigging in and around London. When Arthur left to do his own thing, they landed a couple of tours backing "The Toys", ("Lover's concerto"), then American Soul Legend "Edwin Starr", ("S.O.S", "OO soul", and "War what is it good for").